Warm Weather Can Mean More Kidney Stones

Warm Weather Can Mean More Kidney Stones | Pacific Urology | East Bay AreaBy Jeremy Lieb

Kidney stone season is quickly approaching in the warmer climates. Kidney stones are more prevalent in the summer since they are linked to water intake. High temperatures make the body lose more water than normal. Here are some simple steps to help reduce your risk of getting a kidney stone:

1) Water, water, water, juice, and more fluids. One of the most common risk factors is dehydration. Increasing your fluid intake will help to reduce stones!

2) Lemonade! This serves two purposes. Citric acid (found in high concentrations in lemons) is a natural stone inhibitor. Also, the extra fluid helps to flush the kidneys.

3) Cranberry juice is NO GOOD. It helps to reduce urinary infections, but has a high concentration in oxalate which helps to promote stone formation in some patients.

4) Reduce salt intake. Limit chips, meat, pretzels….. you know…. all that good stuff.

Good luck avoiding your next stone!

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