Emsella Chair for Urinary Incontinence

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Emsella Chair at a glance

  • The Emsella Chair is a nonsurgical treatment for urinary incontinence.
  • The Emsella Chair targets weakened pelvic muscles that lead to a loss of bladder control, using high-intensity electromagnetic energy to trigger rapid pelvic floor muscle contractions.
  • A single 28-minute session in the Emsella Chair is equivalent to completing thousands of Kegel exercises.

What is the Emsella Chair?

The Emsella Chair is the first and only Food and Drug Administration-cleared nonsurgical treatment option for urinary incontinence. It was designed to be gentle, while maximizing patient comfort during each session. The device offers relief to those suffering from urinary incontinence, with a 95% patient satisfaction rate.

Nearly 8% of American adults struggle with symptoms of urinary incontinence. Among women with incontinence, it takes an average of 6.5 years from the onset of symptoms until the patient receives a diagnosis.

The bladder leakage, frequent urge to urinate and daily discomfort that characterizes incontinence can take a toll on a woman’s confidence and happiness. Women might avoid straying too far from the restroom or feel unable to wear certain types of clothing. It can be especially frustrating to know that incontinence arises due to common factors that are often beyond one’s control, including:

  • Age.
  • Obesity.
  • Chronic constipation.
  • Childbirth.
  • Menopause.
  • Persistent coughing.
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How does the Emsella Chair work?

The Emsella Chair targets weakened pelvic muscles that lead to bladder control loss. The device uses cutting-edge technology called high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy that triggers rapid muscle contractions in a woman’s pelvic floor. These contractions are similar to Kegel exercises but are faster and more intense – patients can achieve the equivalent of thousands of Kegels in a single 28-minute session with the Emsella Chair.

The treatments are comfortable and convenient, and patients can remain fully clothed and relax during their treatment. Women will feel some tingling while their muscles are contracting, but won’t need any anesthesia and can leave the session to resume all normal activities right away. Some patients report noticeable improvement in bladder control after their first treatment. For best results, it is recommended that patients complete a total of six sessions.

Options for treating urinary incontinence with Pacific Urology

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If you or someone you know is struggling silently with symptoms of urinary incontinence, we want to hear from you or them. Our top-rated, board-certified physicians offer specialized treatment for incontinence patients, including the all-new, noninvasive Emsella Chair device. Patients can find out if the Emsella Chair is right for them by scheduling a consultation appointment at the nearest Pacific Urology location.