BPH Treatments

Minimally invasive, simple & safe treatments for enlarged prostate

Benign Prostatic HyperplasiaBPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate gland) is one of the most common male urological conditions. It can contribute to urination problems, causing discomfort and a disruption to everyday life.

Pacific Urology is one of the largest urology practices in Northern California offering minimally invasive BPH treatments to alleviate symptoms of enlarged prostate and get you back to your normal lifestyle quickly with short recovery times.

Enlarged prostate treatments

BPH is usually treated with medications first, but this method is not effective for all patients. Men with BPH often require minimally invasive therapy or surgery to correct the problem.

BPH treatments at Pacific Urology


The Rezūm treatment is a transurethral needle ablation performed as an outpatient procedure. Using a hand-held device inserted through a man’s urethra, the urologist injects water vapor into the prostate tissue. The steam reduces the extra tissue that causes an enlarged prostate. Rezūm treats symptoms including irregular flow, straining, weak stream and getting up at night to urinate.

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