Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Taylor on Retirement After 40 Years in Private Practice

Dr. Stephen Taylor sends one last goodbye in a letter to his patients

Dr. Stephen Taylor on his retirement | Pacific Urology | San Francisco Bay AreaDear Patient,

It saddens me to inform you that I am retiring from Pacific Urology on April 30, after 40 years in private practice. I started in solo practice in 1980. In 1995, after 15 years in solo practice, I founded Pacific Urology as a group practice.

My motto has been “University Quality Urology in a Private Practice Setting.”

I have always tried to maintain a “state-of-the-art” practice by attending multiple urology meetings each year, making sure I was always up to date on all the latest developments.

However, I cannot fight “father time,” and I have concluded that it is time for me to retire. I want to tell you what an honor and privilege it has been to care for all my patients over the past 40 years. I wish you all a happy and healthy future.

Luckily, I will be leaving you in good hands at Pacific Urology. I have hired well trained and talented urologists to join me, and they will provide equally good and compassionate care.

If you have upcoming appointments to see me, you will be assigned to one of the other urologists in my practice. Your appointment times and dates may be adjusted to accommodate their schedules. I wish you all a happy and healthy future.

I will miss you all!

Dr. Stephen Taylor