For His BPH, Dr. Sethi Chose Rezūm Treatment

Dr. Sethi shares his personal experience as a Rezūm patient

Dr. Parminder Sethi recounts his own decision to undergo the minimally invasive Rezūm treatment.

Video transcript

Rezūm treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia

I noticed that I was waking up at night a couple of times. During the day I was going a little bit more frequently, taking me a little bit longer in the bathroom. So at that time, I did not do anything, but soon after the symptoms got a little bit worse, so, I started my medication at that time. There’s a big trade off: Keep taking the medications, keep tolerating the side effects; or you stop the medications and have your symptoms get worse.

My name is Dr. Parminder Sethi. I’m a urologist and I’m a specialist in urodynamics, neurourology, bladder dysfunction, minimally invasive procedures for the prostate.

Taking action with Rezūm treatment

The medications took me through a few years, and then I started looking into other options. Going too frequently to the bathroom probably didn’t bother me as much but it bothered other people around me. So, that got me thinking, Okay this is the time I got to take an action and do something about my enlarged prostate.

Going to the movies when I went with my wife and she’ll say, “Why do you keep going to the bathroom every time? And now, the movies over and you spent so much time in the bathroom.”

“I do a lot of the Rezūm procedures for my patients, so I thought, Why not for myself?”

Rezūm procedure is a minimally invasive procedure and can be done in the office. You can come off your medications. It is also sexually preserving, which is also great for younger people and middle aged people. I finished my patient at about 3’o clock, I had my procedure at 3:30. I was home at 5:30. It did not restrict me from doing any workouts, any activities at home or driving.

My overall pain during the procedure was about 2-3 out of 10. After the procedure 3-4 out of 10. Slight burning, slight touch of a little blood in the urine. But it improved gradually, day by day and within about two weeks, I was almost back to normal and did not even feel that I had a procedure done.

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Physician recommended

My experience has been great, I stopped my medication, there aren’t any side effects from it. And there was minimal discomfort from the procedure. I highly recommend it.

Patients say, “If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me.” The greatest comment I’ve heard from patients coming back after their Rezūm procedure is, “Doctor you made me a teenager again!”

A lot of other patients will say, “Wow, I’m like a 50 year old now!” They come back and they are so thrilled with the procedure that they are full of compliments.

Having a Rezūm procedure done a few months ago has allowed me to resume my life. And my quality of life is much, much better.

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