Best Apps to Find “Clean Public Restrooms Near Me”

Man using the best apps to find Public Restrooms Near Me | Pacific Urology | East SF Bay AreaEver had the urge to go and were desperate to find a restroom? People with urinary incontinence do, and these bathroom finder apps are sure to help when the time comes.

Finding the nearest bathroom when you’re not at home is an awful predicament, especially for those who might be dealing with urological conditions like urinary incontinence in women or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) also known as enlarged prostate in men. In this day and age, technology even comes to the rescue in these cases.

There is an array of smartphone apps available. There’s also an array of people who can benefit from them.

Help for those with urinary incontinence, BPH & enuresis needing to Google public restrooms near me

Our urologists are always seeking new ways to help our patients with various urinary conditions continue on with their lives without sacrificing things they want to do. For instance, taking a trip can be difficult for people with urge incontinence – even if that trip is just across town. Most of the time, you can’t just pull over and Google up public restrooms near me. And with one of these bathroom finder apps loaded on your smartphone, you don’t need to.

People who might want to consider using one of these free apps include those with the following conditions.

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We have evaluated bathroom finder apps and the following three made the top of our list. They can be very helpful when the nearest bathroom is a high priority.


SitorSquat App to help find public restrooms near me | Pacific Urology | East SF Bay AreaSitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder

This app enables users to rate each bathroom’s cleanliness

On this app a search and view feature is available, with over 100,000+ public restrooms nearest your current location presented on a map or as a list. The map results are interactive and include travel time details. Free to use, this app lets users rate restrooms by choosing terms women are familiar with: “Sit” (for an enjoyable experience) or “Squat” (for a restroom that needs to be improved). You can filter out search results such as handicap accessibility, baby changing table or public restrooms, which can be good information for parents with children who have urological conditions.

Download options
Google Play, iTunes

Flush App to help find public restrooms near me | Pacific Urology | East SF Bay AreaFlush

This free app offers options to find a bathroom anywhere in the world, making it great for traveling. With a database of over 200,000 restrooms available, Flush stores the information on your phone for use offline.

Working in conjunction with Google Maps, one feature provides immediate directions on a map. A quick direction button is available to help find the nearest toilet. There is also an option to find restrooms with disabled access, and those that require a key or fee for usage.

Download options
Google Play, iTunes

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Bathroom Scout App to help find public restrooms near me | Pacific Urology | East SF Bay AreaBathroom Scout

With over 2,400,000 bathrooms and restrooms available, Bathroom Scout displays nearby toilets on a map. It offers turn-by-turn navigation to a bathroom as well as seeing the location using Google street view.

Bathroom Scout enables easy access to public toilets as well as restrooms in restaurants and other facilities. These tools can prove to be essential for those who suffer from any form of incontinence, a common and treatable condition. Other features on this app include the ability to add new locations, add ratings to existing locations and a feedback button. There’s a free version with ads and a pro (paid) version with no ads, a satellite view and even a waterfall sound available on the iOS version.

Download options
Google Play, iTunes

Above are our top picks, but there are several other apps including peeQwiq, Public Toilet Finder, Toilet Finder, Where is Public Toilet, and Refuge Restrooms (for transgender and nonbinary people).

Using these apps can bring some convenience into your life, but requiring these to get through your day may also be a sign that you need to see a urologist.
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