Adult Circumcision for Medical & Personal Reasons

Adult Circumcision | Adult Circumcision for Medical & Personal Reasons | Pacific Urology

The medical reason for having an adult circumcision is usually because of inflammation and scar tissue formation on the foreskin. This will lead to infections under the foreskin and pain with erections. It often becomes difficult to retract the foreskin and keep it clean.

If all other treatments fail, many men pursue an adult circumcision. The pros of doing a circumcision are improved hygiene and regaining erections without pain.

How is adult circumcision performed?

The procedure is usually done in a out-patient surgery center under general anesthesia. Prior to making the incision a generous amount of local anesthesia, such as lidocaine, is injected. This serves to help reduce pain for many hours after the procedure. The surgery usually takes 30 minutes. Once you are awake you can go home to rest. The dressing will stay on for two days.

The first week it’s best to take it easy and stay home from work. There will be some inflammation and minor bleeding from the incision. Limited activity is advised for a few weeks, and it may take a month before you should consider having sex. The incision will be well healed after six weeks, but cosmetically it can take several months until it starts to look “normal” again. There will be some skin inflammation that often takes months to improve.

Patients often want to know what the out-of-pocket cost is for adult circumcision. If your insurance does not cover the procedure, the cost will total around $2,500 for the surgical and facility fees.

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