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Patient reviews

Here are some of our five-star reviews from our happy patients.

Excellent bedside manner

July 24, 2020

Dedicated doctor

I came to be a patient of Dr. Sethi through an ER visit at a local hospital. Dr Sethi showed up in my hospital room at 8:00PM to see me. He is a dedicated hard working doctor. His instructions were clear and the remaining procedures are in process. Thank you Dr Sethi.

July 1, 2020

Awesome staff

The staff is awesome from front to back. Dr. Sethi is easy to talk to and very open and informative. He answered all my Rezūm questions up front, performed the procedure and after the expected recovery time (don’t expect it to be fast), I am pleased with the results as flow is back to normal.

May 6, 2020

I feel like a young man again

In my 70s, I had the Rezūm procedure done on a Friday, and everything was over in about 30 minutes, including attaching a small catheter bag to my right thigh. I didn’t need to take any pain meds after the procedure was done, except for a pill, that made my urine turn blue for the first day but it made my false urges to go pee, go away. By the following Monday, I took a shower and easily removed the catheter. As everything worked out so well, I didn’t need to go back to see the doctor, I just checked in on the phone to let the doctor’s nurse know that everything was working good and I was getting more flow of urine everyday, which continued for about a month or so. I feel like a young man, in my 20s again, as I have more flow and I feel like I can write my name in the snow! My significant-other, thought that the Rezūm procedure even improved my sexual performance. I would not hesitate to recommend this procedure (and my doctor) to anyone needing this type of BPH treatment.

Experienced surgeon

I selected Dr. Sethi over a year ago based upon my research. In the meantime, Boston Scientific purchased Rezūm, and many others claim to have the ability to perform the procedure. Dr. Sethi is still one of the most experienced Rezūm surgeons. My results were excellent, no pain, no bleeding, and no obstruction. As an anesthesiologist I thought I understood the details of the anatomy, physiology and the subtleties of the procedure. After meeting with Dr. Sethi, I learned so much more. I was impressed with his vast fund of knowledge and easy caring demeanor. I flew from Colorado to San Ramon; it was worth the trip to get such extraordinary care.

My daily life has improved

I had the Rezūm procedure in June 2019 by Dr. Sethi. I wish this procedure had been available to me 10 years ago. I no longer need to take BPH medication and my high PSA due to prostate cancer, confirmed by biopsy, has returned to normal. I highly recommend Dr. Sethi for the Rezūm procedure. My daily life has improved and I no longer need to worry about BPH symptoms. Thank you Dr. Sethi.

Excellent physician

My doctor is highly competent, thorough in his review of the case, approachable, easy to talk with and truly cares about the welfare of his patients. Pretty darn special in today’s day and age. I highly recommend him.

5 stars for Dr. Sethi

Dr. Parminder Sethi has been my doctor for about ten years and I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. I underwent a Rezūm Therapy procedure and my life is much better for it. I would highly recommend him and this office.

Dr. Taylor is excellent

Dr. Taylor cut through much of the misdiagnosis of previous urologists and dealt efficiently with my prostate issues.

Dr. Lieb is an empathic, trustworthy, and competent physician.

You really don’t have to look elsewhere. He is knowledgeable, stays up to date with his field, and makes suggestions which help to solve any problem you might have. I am completely satisfied with my experiences under his care.

It doesn’t get better than Dr. Jeremy Lieb

Having kidney stones is not fun – having Dr. Lieb makes it all better.

Dr. Lieb is excellent

He [Dr. Lieb] took great care of my son for his appointment. He is a great communicator and the appointment was on time as scheduled.

Dr. Long is awesome

Just got home from an overnight stay at John Muir North… Dr. Long is awesome! The entire staff is great too! Thank you for the quality of life improvement!

Occasional incontinence following radical prostatectomy

I experienced occasional lack of bladder control following the removal of my prostate several years ago. Several visits with nurse Linda alerted me to certain physical training that can mitigate this problem. Linda explained the physiology to me and gently coached me to achieve the right kinds of pelvic floor muscle exercises. Soon, I was feeling the results and I’m now hopeful about more improvement and a return to a more “normal” life. Wish I had come to nurse Linda sooner. Early awareness and utilization of these techniques offer patients the chance to be actively involved in the recovery process.

Linda Adams is relaxed and professional

Besides seeing Dr. Taylor (always funny and straightforward), I have seen Linda Adams twice. She is always relaxed and professional. She explains every procedure thoroughly and we enjoyed trading “nurse tales” with lots of laughs.

I’m so pleased I went to Dr. Taylor for a second opinion

The professional and caring approach by Dr. Stephen Taylor and office staff is exceptional. I’m so pleased I went to Dr. Taylor for a second opinion. He’s very thorough and has a calming demeanor about him. I have already recommended him to a friend.

Better results than I could have imagined

The procedure my doctor performed to reduce my prostate was outstanding. Better results than I could have imagined; strong flow, no problems. Great doctor, great people. Thank you all.

Very nice atmosphere

I love your staff, workers and assistants! Very nice atmosphere for an office. Love the ladies: You made me feel very comfortable!

He [Dr. Lieb] is more than a doctor, he’s like family

There are no words to pair up when it comes to Dr. Lieb at Pacific Urology. He’s more than a doctor, he’s like family. He has the ability to make you feel that no matter what issue you’re going through, you’re not alone and he’ll take care of it. Not to mention his work is incredible, he’s like a magician and I’m really thankful to have met a caring doctor such as Dr. Lieb.

Recommend Dr. Zheng and the medical group to my family physician, friends and relatives

I’m very appreciative of your quick action on having the forms required by my employer completed timely before the due date. Also, I like Dr. Zheng, he did a great job! He visited me at the prep room prior to going into surgery. Love it! I would recommend Dr. Zheng and the medical group to my family physician, friends and relatives. Thanks again!

Tyisha: Very, very pleased with her and the procedure

I had a procedure done by Tyisha. I was very, very pleased with her and the procedure. She is very professional and sweet. I would definitely recommend her to other people.

Linda Adams: Knowledgable and professional

Linda Adams was extremely professional and knowledgable. She made me feel very comfortable about the procedure.

Thank you!

Whoever thought this could be a fun experience?

I came in to do a urodynamics test with Linda and she made me feel so at ease. She was professional in telling me what she was doing as she was doing it – and she was funny. Whoever thought this could be a fun experience? Ha!

My experience was simply fantastic!

Linda was very gentle and calm. She explained everything she was doing and helped me to understand. She answered all my questions so well – very professional!!

Thank you so much, Dr. Sethi!

I cannot thank Dr. Sethi enough for helping me in Emergency at Mt. Diablo/John Muir Concord – then all the wonderful care he made sure I had as follow-up to my problem. I now feel so relieved that “all is well” because of the tests he authorized because he cares. Dr. Sethi is a very special person whom I’m lucky enough to have met.

Thank you, Linda!

Linda Adams performed a urine dynamics test for me recently. I was apprehensive due to problems encountered at another medical facility. Linda provided careful catheter placement with minimal discomfort, making the test go easily. Her pleasant personality and humor was great!

Linda Adams was excellent!

Linda provided information in a clear, informative way. The education she provided in one hour was invaluable. Great communicator!

Nurse Linda Adams is a true asset

Nurse Linda Adams is a true asset to the institution of Pacific Urology. Truly, she is also a blessing for any patient who may be in the need of her care. To express an experience, I would say that Ms. Adams is a well-grounded, aware (sharp), funny and kind nurse who demonstrated a true understanding of her profession as expressed in the care and service given to me. The exam (test) was to take between 45 minutes to an hour. Nurse Adams had me ready to leave within a half hour or so, no rushing mind you. Simply a knowledgeable and smooth process Ms. Adams employed. Nurse Adams was a good teacher to both myself and a colleague, who was learning this procedure while finishing her work. I was made to feel this experience as a pleasant and productive experience.

Great job everyone

I saw Dr. Sethi and Linda today. They both were very nice and professional. They answered all my questions and helped me greatly. I am very happy with my visit today. Great job to everyone at Pacific Urology in Walnut Creek.

Good vibes

My first visit I had good vibes and was quite satisfied talking to my doctor and Nurse Linda.



Had an excellent appointment

I had an excellent appointment, where I began the journey of getting all of my medical issues resolved! Thank you!

Doctor was excellent

My doctor was excellent. Linda and Bliss made a very uncomfortable procedure no problem at all with their sweet personalities. I would have no problem at all recommending this office to my friends. Thank you so much for helping me.

Thank you, Dr. Lieb

Thank you, Dr. Lieb, for being so kind. We are very happy with Dr. Lieb. He always has a positive attitude. He is very pleasant, knowledgeable and all around a really nice doctor. He has saved my husband’s life and I’m sure he will continue to give him the best quality of life he can. OUR DOCTOR ROCKS!


Continence Center

I am satisfied that PTNS reduced my urgency, frequency, pads used, daytime voids, and overnight voids by at minimum 50 percent. Linda Adams is a most willing and able communicator of her expertise in this field, of which I am a grateful recipient.

Linda Adams is the best

My experience was excellent. A large part of my bladder control has improved and I have learned a great deal about my problem.

Linda Adams is the best in the area and Pacific Urology is fortunate to have her. I will return for maintenance.

One family’s Thank You

  • Thank you, Dr. Taylor, for making me a happy and healthy man again!
  • I feel so blessed we found you. I’ve been so worried about my husband, but I can now finally relax. You’ve changed our lives and I am so thankful.
  • Thank you so much for making my dad healthy again. I can already see that my parents are getting happier by the day.


Overactive bladder

I have had overactive bladder symptoms for years. Since starting to see Dr. Lieb and Linda Adams, I have gotten so much better. They really have helped me and I appreciate it! They are great!

Continence Program

I found that Linda Adams does a fabulous job! She’s very knowledgeable about continence. I have never experienced another “health nurse” who could home in on my problem.


Dear Dr. Taylor,

Thank you so much for the time you spent explaining my condition and for your attention to detail. Your decision to do an ultrasound was providential. We so appreciate your expertise and now understand why doctor after doctor and in our support group repeated the comment, “Dr. Stephen Taylor is the BEST!”

Thank you for making this journey with us.


“As good as it gets!!!! No kidding!!! A++”

I will never forget this place! I have moved from San Ramon but I will still travel to be treated from this hospital any day!!! I am truly, really pleased! I was extremely well taken care of. I can’t thank Pacific Urology and the staff enough!!! Please let Dr. Sethi know how much I really appreciate his excellence of work that was done to my body.

Dr. Sethi, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re a true leader and a doctor I am glad to have had the pleasure of meeting. I really appreciate that you took the time off of your busy schedule to fit me in at the last minute to do surgery and to help me in my situation. I really appreciate your kindness, your compassion and your expertise, and your understanding!! The whole staff was the best of the best!!!