Blue Shield Cards

Blue Shield has updated their delivery process of insurance cards for some members, shifting from a printed version to a digital version.

Understanding the changes in Blue Shield cards

Beginning October 2020, members who have opted into electronic delivery of all communications will no longer receive printed ID cards.

This new initiative includes subscribers and their dependents for all Blue Shield fully insured HMO and PPO commercial lines of business. These members will be directed to access their digital ID cards at

We will now accept your digital ID card as evidence of Blue Shield medical coverage. Pacific Urology has the following options to verify coverage without a printed ID card:

  • View the member ID card on the member’s smartphone or device.
  • Request and receive member ID card information via email or text from the member.
  • Login to Blue Shield’s Provider Connection website at to verify coverage, using the member’s or subscriber’s name and date of brith.
  • Call Provider Customer Service at 1-800-541-6652 to verify coverage.

Here’s an example of a digital ID card

Medicare and Blue Shield of California Promise Health Members

Medicare or Medicare Supplement plan members, as well as Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan Medicare, Medi-Cal, and Cal MedConnect members, will continue to be sent physical member ID cards.