Pacific Urology Treats 100th Patient with Rezūm for Enlarged Prostate

Walnut Creek, CA May 22, 2017 – Pacific Urology is pleased to announce that today we celebrated a milestone by treating our 100th patient with Rezūm, a new procedure that shrinks the prostate and helps men improve their urinary function. The Rezūm System is an innovative, minimally invasive treatment option for men with enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

“It is very gratifying as a physician to be able to offer a procedure that consistently improves the quality of life for my patients,” said Dr. Parminder Sethi, the first urologist at Pacific Urology to become a certified Rezūm provider.

“Our previous treatment options were either medications or procedures that affected sexual function or urinary continence,” explained Dr. Sethi. “Medications like Flomax and Rapaflo can cause dizziness, fatigue, sinus congestion and retrograde ejaculation, while medications like Avodart and Proscar have side effects like decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.”

Rezūm is an FDA-approved treatment performed during a short procedure at the doctor’s office, using steam to shrink the prostate. It does not result in erectile dysfunction or incontinence and there are no adverse effects on blood pressure. In a few short weeks patients experience a dramatic improvement in urination.

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal highlighted a two-year trial conducted by Claus G. Roehrborn and colleagues, who found the Rezūm procedure to provide significant relief to patients. Pacific Urology was one of the first urology groups in the entire West Coast to adopt the Rezūm technology.

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